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Water Slide Information


2023 Waterslide information

The Water slide will be open beginning May 26th.


Friday: 11:00-5:00  (May - July only)

Saturday: 10:30-6:30

Sunday: 11:00-5:00

Memorial Day May 29th: 11:00-5:00

Independence Day July 3rd and 4th: 11:00-5:00 

Labor Day Sept 4th: 11:00-5:00


The slide attendant will take (2) 15-minute breaks and (1) 30-minute break throughout the day for lunch.  Their job is hot, and they need to apply sunscreen and get water.  They also need a restroom break.  They will close the slide during this time.  They will try and take their breaks during lower attendance times and inclement weather if possible.  They will also rotate from the bottom of the slide to the top.

Lightening and Thunder Rules-  Per the Red Cross, the 30/30 rule- Attendant will count the seconds between seeing lightening and hearing thunder.  If this time is less than 30 seconds, lightening is a threat (especially high up on a slide platform).  Everyone should seek shelter.  The attendant will wait 30 minutes​ from that strike to open the slide.  Every lightning strike adds 30 minutes of wait time.  Slide will reopen once there has been no lightening or thunder for 30 minutes.

Water Slide Rules and Regulations-

1. Street wear, cut offs, denim shorts, shorts with buttons or buckles are not permitted on the water slides’

2. Please stay in a single file line on the stairs to avoid overcrowding.

3. Tandem riding is only permitted for adults who are accompanying small children on waterslide.

4. Riders must go down on back, feet first.

5. Please wait 30 seconds between riders to insure the rider before you has cleared the slide.

6. No stopping, standing or kneeling on slide.

7. No getting in or out between the top and bottom of slide.

8. No rafts or inner tubes permitted on slide.

9. No food, drink, or wrappers shall be permitted within 10 feet (10’) of the water slide.

10. No person is to cause, suffer or permit rough behavior or harassment of other persons in the waterslide walkways or platforms.

11. Waterslide riders are not to wear any personal effects such as jewelry, watches or spectacles which are likely to result in personal injury to the rider, or other riders or cause damage to the waterslide.

12. Persons are not to use the waterslide in a manner which will cause bodily injury to other slide riders.

13. Person under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted to use the waterslide.

14. Do not use the waterslide unless your physical health is sound.  You should not use the waterslide if you are pregnant, if you have limb or back weakness, or if you have heart ailments .

15. Use of this water slide is at the risk of the individual; the Property Owners Association assumes not responsibility or liability for any accidents or injuries.

16. Slide attendants are not babysitters, parental supervision is required while using the slide.

17. Small children, or those that cannot swim should use lifesaving devices.  The slide attendants are not lifeguards.