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Online Payments


Online payments are available online through a third party company.  They do have fees associated with the processing of your debit, credit or ACH.


You will need to establish a log-in and password for each account that you wish to pay.  If you are already making payments to another entity (HOA or other business) you will need to use a different email address for each account.  (Example, if you are trying to make a payment to Highlands but you pay it under your individual HOA for example: Highland Falls, it will be applied to the account it is paid towards).  If you make a payment to the wrong association, you will need to request a refund if you paid by a credit card on the site. If paid in error via a  check once it clears you may then request a check refund from us. All credit/debit card transactions paid in error on "Paylease" will need to be requested and refunded by "Paylease". We are unable to refund those and it will stay as a credit if not refunded from that 3rd party company.  .


Paylease is a vehicle for payment, they will not know what the balance is on your account, you will need to know your current balance prior to log in.



To make an online payment please click on the link below. You will need to register prior to making a payment.